Michael K. Garrett, CEO and President

Since incorporating in 2002, Community Network Services has provided exceptional behavioral health services designed to improve the quality of life for persons in Oakland and Wayne counties. Over the years, we have taken major steps to embrace the industry’s promotion of integration.

In 2018, we took yet another major step towards strengthening our industry presence as an integrated provider of mental and physical healthcare, we changed our name.

Today, we are CNS Healthcare.  This rebrand reflects our organizational commitment to addressing holistic needs and will allow the communities we serve to readily recognize CNS as a local healthcare resource.

The accomplishments of 2018 only began with our rebranding effort. Our Community Impact Summary highlights some of the impact we have made on the community, over the last 12 months. Through the great work of staff, CNS Healthcare has played an essential role in achievements by the individuals we serve and outreach efforts devised to raise awareness and reduce stigma. Also featured is one of greatest accomplishments to date for CNS Healthcare, becoming a nationally recognized Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC).

This designation expands access to services for persons in need, regardless of insurance status, allowing CNS Healthcare to expand its reach and delivery of high quality integrated services throughout Michigan.

It is an exciting time at CNS Healthcare and I eagerly look forward to sharing the successes of 2019.


Michael Garrett Signature

Michael K. Garrett

CEO and President