Veterans Events

Veterans Events


CNS Healthcare believes mental health is a vital part of the overall health and wellness of veterans.  As a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC), we are proud to serve all veterans regardless of discharge or insurance status.  CNS Healthcare holds two events annually to celebrate veterans and share community resources.

I Am The Storm Awards Luncheon

Held annually, this event recognizes outstanding women warriors. Recipients of this award must be women who have served in the military, have made significant contributions to their community, and show resilience, perseverance and strength of character. I am the storm- a person who will jump out to form a protective shield against an enemy. I am the storm- a person who will do what is necessary to protect the country and people they love. 

The Veterans Breakfast

Held in November to educate CNS Healthcare staff and community partners on veterans issues, mental health treatment, benefits, and additional community resources that are available to veterans.