Integrated Medical Services

Integrated Medical Services

What are Integrated Services?

Integrated Medical Services are the systematic coordination of general and behavioral healthcare. The integration of mental health, substance use, and primary care services produce the best outcomes, and prove to be the most effective approach in caring for people with multiple healthcare needs. 

CNS Healthcare strives to create an integrated medical service environment, so consumers receive their physical and behavioral health needs in one setting.  Therefore, all healthcare information is accessible from one place.  For physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants and other healthcare professionals, one setting makes it much easier to monitor all health conditions a person may have and to coordinate treatments. 

CNS Healthcare recognizes mental disorders are medical conditions just like diabetes, Suboxone, hypertension and heart disease. We use a team approach which may include a prescriber (doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner) who will work with you to determine if a medication regime is warranted as part of an overall treatment plan. Our psychiatric services include psychiatric evaluations, and medication evaluation and management.

During a health education session with a registered nurse you can discuss topics including but not limited to nutrition assistance, smoking cessation, exercise programs, or finding a primary care provider.

Vital signs will be done at least twice a year, before clinic appointments. We will review your medications, allergies, height, weight, waist circumference, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen level, CO level, and medical history.

CNS Healthcare strives to create an integrated care environment, so you receive your physical and mental health needs in one setting. At select sites, we partner with other organizations to provide physical health, pharmacy, and laboratory services.

CNS Healthcare offers Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). MAT helps people with substance use disorders (addiction to opioids, alcohol, heroin, tobacco, and more) recover and live their best lives. CNS Healthcare provides MAT in combination with therapy, psychiatry, and other support services.

MAT has been shown to:

• Improve survival rate

• Decrease illegal drug use

• Increase ability to get and keep jobs

• Improve birth outcomes for pregnant women with substance use disorders

Some examples of MAT medications include: Vivitrol, Suboxone, and more, which are used to primarily used to manage addiction by reducing cravings and feelings of euphoria associated with substance use disorders.

Integrated Medical Services

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