Suicide Prevention: Indigenous People

Indigenous people make up about 1.2% of the population. However, of this demographic around 21% of said individuals have a diagnosable mental illness. Mental illness and suicide are an epidemic that is increasing across Indigenous populations. Suicide rates among American Indian and Alaskan Native men and women are startling. Since 1999, the United States suicide […]

The Importance of Immunizations

Health professionals and medical organizations across the globe highly recommend immunizations. Getting immunized is important for at least two reasons: to protect ourselves and those around us. Vaccines are the best way to prevent infectious disease and to help to keep us from getting seriously ill. A successful immunization program depends upon the participation of […]

You Can Prevent Suicide: At Risk Youth

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth age 15-24. This age group is a time of changes between school, social groups, and learned responsibilities which can become overwhelming for many youth. One out of every fifteen high school students reportedly attempt suicide each year. Suicidal ideation for youth is even higher, with […]