Performance assessment reveals CNS services work

Performance assessment reveals CNS services work

CNS Healthcare services work! So say the results from the recent performance measurements, analyzing persons-served outcomes during the 2020/21 fiscal year. Results of the satisfaction survey for the 20/21 fiscal year were overwhelmingly positive, especially in the staff, facilities, general, and COVID-19 section with each section averaging responses of over 80% strongly agree, agree.

Following our long-standing commitment to providing accessible, comprehensive mental health services for all, we are excited to share that persons-served by CNS Healthcare have consistently improved their mental health on their journey to wellness.

Most notably, over 85% of adults showed decreases in their overall depression scores, and 81.4% of children, from the initial screening to the most recent screening.

Additionally, overall, 40.8% of adults served had improved scores (decreased) from the first to the second assessment and were referred to a lower level of care.

For children who received a preschool and early child assessment, combined PECFAS scores decreased by an average of 23.79 points from 73.45 to 49.66. And there was a 20-point or more reduction for slightly over half of the children (56.5%) from the first assessment to the most recent one.

In Wayne County, 99% of individuals served had a completed Individual Plan of Service (IPOS) within 15 days.

But perhaps more importantly, the review noted CNS’ culture of compassion and empathy as a key component contributing to recovery. Beyond the numbers and metrics, it is the genuine care and concern exhibited by every staff member that sets CNS apart.